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Thread: Japanese Pitchers.

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    Japanese Pitchers.

    Correct me if i am wrong but the hitting talent in the US is way better then it is in Japan (guys like ichiro aside) so how is it that these guys like DMAT are getting huge bucks to come here? they cant be projected to bring that sub 3 era over here. There is a slight chance i look stupid with this post but there have been more then one MLB flunkie that have done well in japan........hitters i can understand.....but pitching seems like a much higher risk.


    P.S. i know Nomo has been ok......but he was the only one (i think) and he had funky delivery it took people time to get used to.

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    Japanese ballparks are smaller than the ones here in the US.

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    Japanese Baseball is slightly above US's AAA ball in terms of talent. Projecting a Japanese Pitcher to the US ball is similar to projecting a AAA pitcher in that sense......

    Traditionally Japanese Prospects have not gotten such a huge payday in the past, as Ichiro had a 13 million post and a 4 year 13 million contract or something like that for being a baseball god over there.......

    This recent year though the prices have gotten rediculous....I suspect that they are going to change the posting system because of it.

    As for their success rate, it's often shown Mixed Results. Some pitchers (Nomo, Hasegawa) have done fairly well in the Major Leagues, whereas some pitchers (Ishii, Otsuka, Saito) have had one successful season (so far), whereas some pitchers flopped (Irabu). Hitters have had a much better success rate switching over as Ichiro and Hideki Matsui have both done very well here.


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