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Thread: Tillman's father not expecting answers

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    Tillman's father not expecting answers


    SAN JOSE, California (CNN) -- The father of former NFL player Cpl. Pat Tillman said Monday he doesn't believe the full truth about his son's death in Afghanistan will ever emerge, despite a new investigation.

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    While I don't condone our government publishing anything but the truth in such situations, it's time to move on. Pat Tillman gave up a privileged life to become a U.S. Army Ranger. U.S. Army Rangers, by nature of the job they perform, are expendible. If we spend millions of defense dollars to research the death, accidental or otherwise, of every U.S. serviceman in a combat area, we will quickly run out of money for weapons, spare parts, soldier pay, fuel, benefits, and everything else we need to run a modern military force.

    Tillman family, I am very sorry for your loss. No answer will change the fact that your son was a good man who died doing what he believed he needed to do for his country. That has to be your solice. Nothing the Army says will change who your son was, what he meant to you, or how much you hurt for not having him around anymore. As is true for the thousands of other families who've lost sons and daughters.


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