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    Anna Benson quote

    "I can’t thank you writers, sport’s announcers, radio-show personalities, and other media outlets enough, but I especially can’t thank my Mets' beat writers enough. I know that my Mets’ beat writers miss me very much, and I miss them as well for being so very noble. Since Kris was traded in January, I have had a huge, supportive fan club of beat writers and the NY Daily News. Thanks to them and their unfaltering support, I am still the most exciting thing to happen to the Mets since the ’86 World Series! …Adam, especially, inked my name in the record books as the first wife to ever cause a trade because of her “boobins”… thank you Mr. Rubin. It will be forever noted that the 2006 Mets lost the NCLS because I “couldn’t keep enough clothes on” or my “mouth shut.” If I hadn’t bared my scantily clad body to the Mets' Christmas Party, showing my “boobins” to all, the Mets definitely would have won the World Series."

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    Who cares what she thinks?

    Her 'boobins' got us John Maine in the deal, who alone is better then Benson. So ever her arguement is laughable.


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