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Thread: The Republican I want to win the 2008 nomination

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    The Republican I want to win the 2008 nomination

    Rep. Ron Paul from Texas-14

    Sure he's more of a conservative than libertarian on a couple of issues, but he is head and shoulders above McCain, Guiliani, Romney, Brownback, Gingrich as far as I am concerned. Plus he has experience running a nationwide race (I believe he was the Libertarian candidate in 84 or 88, I forget)...

    Who do you want? And what do you think of Dr. Paul?

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    I have to learn about Dr. Paul.

    Personally, I hope to find someone who will do the following:

    1) Aggressively seek to fortify our defenses here at home.
    2) Nominate justices that will not legislate from the bench.
    3) Gracefully extricate us from Iraq while still supporting Iraq enough that it does not become the next terrorist state.
    4) Is fiscally conservative - cut taxes to a miminum while balancing the budget and paring down the debt. Not easy and would need to be done in phases.
    5) Works to limit abortion.
    6) Has enough integrity and likability so as not to polarize like Clilnton and Bush........ have a little Reagen quality to him (or her - but never, ever Hillary!)

    and down the list:
    7) Advance education by establishing schools for kids prefering trades and/or not wishing to pursue a college bound future.
    8) Address the medicaid issues. Just I learned what a mess that system is.

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    Could Romney ever seriously have a realistic shot at gaining a nomination? I would think that his supposed involvement in the Salt Lake City scandal would be a pretty big strike against him.

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    I always thought Hagel was a straight shooter, no BS guy, just what the country needs right now.

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    I want McCain to get the nomination.

    Campaign finance reform.

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    The Republican that I want to win the 2008 Presidential nomination is whichever Republican can best beat Hillary. :usaflag:

    And makes her cry because everybody hates her! :bigcry:

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    chuck hegel is the only repub I'd vote for.

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    [QUOTE=CarlSpackler]I want McCain to get the nomination.

    Campaign finance reform.[/QUOTE]

    Funny - that's one of the many reasons why I won't vote for McCain....

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    [QUOTE=jets5ever]Funny - that's one of the many reasons why I won't vote for McCain....[/QUOTE]

    Yea I know, I think we covered this before. On this issue, I don't care about the individual liberty involved in contributing to someone's campaign.

    In a perfect world, elections would be publicly funded.


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