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Thread: Yankees in China

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    Yankees in China

    ESPN reports that our Yankees may possibly open a training camp in China. With the millions of people there, and the natural talent they possess, I can imagine a Chinese invasion in the MLB. This process might take several years, but it is an awesome financial strategy, and opens the door for other countries.

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    This is about spreading the Yankee brand in other countries - although that money does get split evenly with every team (just like the money the Sox will make with Matsuzaka).

    Of course, this also gives the Yankees the jump on any talent from China that might come down the road.

    I asked Cashman is it was possible that they could have a minor leaguer from China within two years. He said it certainly was. Interesting stuff.

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    What next...


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    Mets globe trotting also

    GOING, GOING, GHANA: Mets general manager Omar Minaya will be among a delegation of baseball officials going to Accra, Ghana, next week to hold a clinic and promote baseball.


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