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Thread: Mike Francesa Ordering Chinese Food...On The FAN

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    Mike Francesa Ordering Chinese Food...On The FAN

    Shamelessly stolen from

    Golden Wok, you order?
    MF-Yeah, ummmmmm, let me get a WonTon soup, easily one of the best soups to come out of China that you're ever going to see. You can look long and hard before you're ever going to find a soup as good as WonTon soup.

    OK, WonTon soup, is that it?
    MF-(Laughs) Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah. 72 Bejing Olympics? I was there. In a good seat too. This idea that I'm only going to order soup is patently ridicluous. Let me get an order of Spare Ribs. Large. That's for me. Got it? Large ribs.

    OK large spare ribs. Anything else?.......Hello?...Anyone there?
    MF-Yeah, I just left the room for a sec but I'm back. (sips diet coke) Do you have that birds nest thing? I forget what it's called. I don't eat a lot of Chinese

    Yes sir, Birds nest chicken
    MF-I'll have that. John Barrymore used to love that, you know. Easily one of the best actors you're ever going to see, and a big Yankees fan. Legendary. A legendary actor. Do you want to go over his movies with me and I'll tell you if I've seen them?

    Sir we're very busy.
    MF-Wait, you think China can beat Taiwan in the Ping Pong playoffs? Did you even watch China last year?

    Well, China just beat Taiwan 3 weeks ago in Taiwan
    MF-Don't give me regular season. Taiwan is a completely different team in the playoffs. Their coach is legendary for his adjustments, and I'll let you in on some inside stuff because the coach for China has the same agent as Nance. He's probably going to bolt for Team Manchuria after the season

    Well, I think China can win
    MF-Geez, these Chinese fans! China is only there because they didn't play the pacific rim much, and when they did they got creamed. What was the Japan score? What was the Japan score?

    Well I think they are coming together as....

    MF - That's right 6-5. Geez, these Chinese fans!

    Well I just thought.......
    MF-All right, then. (Waves hands) Cancel my order entirely. I want Italian anyway (laughs) Ah-ah-ah-ah, (sips coke) (Waves hands) (leaves room)

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    What is this?


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