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Thread: just made my first trade of the year: did i get a steal?

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    just made my first trade of the year: did i get a steal?

    My OF were:

    Hedeki Matsui
    Verenon Wells
    Johnny Damon

    So I traded Abreu for Zito, did I get a steal??

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    not enough information on the rest of your team........

    if you needed pitching i am going to say Zito will do well in the NL, so i think good deal.

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    What are the offensive stats for your league? Is OBP or BB's a part of it?

    Personally, I am not a big fan of Zito. I do think that the move to the NL and that SF ballpark (he went from a very good to great pitchers ballpark) will definitely help though.

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    Nope, you got robbed.

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    I wonder if you're a Yankees fan.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ven0m
    I wonder if you're a Yankees fan.....
    actually Im a huge Mets fan...not a yankee fan at all.

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    Here is my whole team:

    1b- Adam LaRoche/ Adrian Gonzalez...not sure yet
    2b- Josh Barfield
    3b- Miguel Cabrera
    ss- Renteria
    of- Berkman
    of- Vernon Wells
    of- Johnny Damon
    UTIL- Hedeki Matsui
    BN- stephen drew
    bn- chad tracy

    p- Aaron Harang
    p-Andy Pettite
    RP- Hoffman
    RP- Mike Gonzalez
    p- Erik Bedard
    p- Kenny Rogers
    p- nate robertson
    p- barry zito

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    Hardly a steal, but your outfield isn't too bad without him.

    At least you didn't use your third round pick to draft Roger Clemens, like one of the geniuses in one of the leagues I'm in.

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    You should have gotten more for Abreau.


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