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Thread: rate my team please

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    rate my team please

    C- Posada
    1b- Derek Lee
    2b- Freddy Sanchez
    3b- Miguel Cabrera
    ss- Miguel Tejada
    of- Johnny Damon
    of- Alex Rios
    of- magglio ordonez
    util- Helton
    bn- chris duncan
    bn- lyle overbay

    sp- Carpenter
    sp- Webb
    rp- Zumaya
    rp- Jenks
    bn- Kazmir
    bn- Arroyo
    bn- Liriano
    bn- Jeremy Bonderman

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    I like Posada and Lee - depending on where you drafted them. Cabrera is a star, and Tejada should be solid. I'm not a big fan of your OF though. Damon should be okay. Rios is questionable, although I do like him. And I'd stay away from Maglio Orondez because of his injury history. I also think that Helton is on the decline.

    I like Carpenter and Webb of course. Zumaya should get you some K's from the pen, but he's not their closer. I'm a big fan of Kazmir, and less of a fan of Arroyo. Liriano is going to miss all of 2007 and is just taking up a roster spot and I like Bonderman.

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    Lack in Power.

    And Liriano is done for 2007.

    May need another closer.

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    I picked up Posada and Helton in the 14th and 15th rounds

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    liriano is out for 07.. Hope you didnt take him high.

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    Really good, but drop Liriano.


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