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Thread: 2007 Fantasy Baseball Random Comments Thread

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    2007 Fantasy Baseball Random Comments Thread

    so yeah, Dunn is hot with 2 HR's to start off baby! i'm liking that

    not liking contreras getting ****ing rocked like that though

    how's it going for others?

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    Combining my two teams in different leagues, I've had several pitchers start today and yesterday, 4 of them against each other...

    Glavine, Carpenter, Bonderman, Bedard, Pavano, Kazmir, Oswalt

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    Hanley Ramirez went 4 for 6, 4 runs, 2 doubles, 2 stolen bases and 1 rbi.

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    I started John Patterson and somehow he got me minus 15.

    Luckily my oppenent started Lowe and got him minus 15.


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