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Thread: Hussien Obama is now a water walker....

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    Hussien Obama is now a water walker....

    A smiling, life-sized sculpture of Barack Obama with a blue neon halo circling his head is seen, Monday, April 2, 2007, in Chicago. The work by School of the Art Institute of Chicago senior David Cordero, made for his senior show, has the phones ringing at the Chicago school as word spreads of the undergrad's work depicting Obama as a messianic figure. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)


    Sculpture of Obama As Jesus Causes Stir

    Apr 2, 7:18 PM (ET)



    CHICAGO (AP) - He wears Jesus' robes and a neon blue halo, looks like Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and is causing a stir at a Chicago art school.

    An undergraduate student's papier mache sculpture of Obama as a messianic figure - entitled "Blessing" - went on display Saturday at a downtown gallery run by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. By Monday, word of the piece had spread on political blogs, and the school had been flooded with calls.

    David Cordero, 24, made the sculpture for his senior show after noticing all the attention Obama has received since he first hinted he may run for the presidency.

    "All of this is a response to what I've been witnessing and hearing, this idea that Barack is sort of a potential savior that might come and absolve the country of all its sins," Cordero said. "In a lot of ways it's about caution in assigning all these inflated expectations on one individual, and expecting them to change something that many hands have shaped."

    Obama's campaign worked Monday to the distance the Illinois senator from the artwork.

    "While we respect First Amendment rights and don't think the artist was trying to be offensive, Senator Obama, as rule, isn't a fan of art that offends religious sensibilities," said Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

    Cordero said the school had fielded plenty of calls about his work, "some of them from angry people." He also said he had heard from a few potential buyers.

    Bruce Jenkins, dean of the art school's undergraduate program, said response to the piece - part of a student exhibition - has been mostly positive. He said people should take a close look at the sculpture and the context it was created in before judging it.

    "When you see it, when you spend time it with it, you understand that it's not a provocative work at all," Jenkins said. "It opens a set of questions."

    The Archdiocese of Chicago had not seen the work as of Monday afternoon and could not comment on it, said spokeswoman Dianne Dunagan.

    The piece comes amid Catholic outrage in New York that led to an art gallery canceling an exhibit featuring a nude 6-foot-tall, anatomically correct chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ.

    Artist Cosimo Cavallaro said Saturday that he has received threats as a result of the sculpture, called "My Sweet Lord." Cavallaro said the controversy spurred "thousands" of e-mail messages from people offering help, donations and exhibition space.
    just in time for Easter....I wonder if this would be PC were a life sized sculpture depicting Guiliani as mohamed created...

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    This is almost as good as a Jesus sculpture made out of chocolate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parafly
    This is almost as good as a Jesus sculpture made out of chocolate.

    not nearly as good as the mohammed cartoons...

    which the pu$$y liberal media in this country would not show....


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