[QUOTE]Former U.S. presidential nominee John Kerry and possible presidential candidate Newt Gingrich will hold a public debate on environmental issues.

Sen. Kerry, D-Mass., and former House Speaker Gingrich, R-Ga. -- who have both written books on the environment -- plan to square off next Tuesday in Washington, The Hill reported.

Kerry -- designated an "Environmental Champion" by the League of Conservation Voters -- wrote on climate change with his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, in "The Moment on Earth."

Gingrich and Terry Maple wrote "A Contract with the Earth," a 10-point program that echoes his 1994 "Contract with America." Gingrich calls for a bipartisan effort on the environment.

"America should focus its energy policy in four areas," Gingrich said on his Web site, "basic research for a new energy system, incentives for conservation, more renewable resources, and environmentally sound development of fossil fuels." (c) UPI


[B]I was actually for global warming before I was against it.....[/B]