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Thread: With the first pick in 2008 NFL Draft....

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    With the first pick in 2008 NFL Draft....

    Make your predictions.....

    What team is it?

    I say the [B]Miami Dolphins[/B]

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    Raiders taking Darren McFadden

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    Patriots via 49ers . . .
    Damn that was a good deal by them

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    ahhhh the colts taking joe blow.......what a dumb post to start now.......dump!!!!!!!!!!

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    Buffalo could be there, maybe Washington. I'll go with one of them...

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    Easily the Raiders.

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    [QUOTE=jpoppy7]Patriots via 49ers . . .
    Damn that was a good deal by them[/QUOTE]
    49ers won't be bad at all.

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    Detroit. Calvin Johnson will bust worse than Carlos Rogers and Mike Williams combined.

    An not cause I think he isn't a great player. It's just that Detroit picked him. :D

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    [QUOTE=jpoppy7]Patriots via 49ers . . .
    Damn that was a good deal by them[/QUOTE]

    I hate that deal :steamin:

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    [QUOTE=JeffWeaverFan]49ers won't be bad at all.[/QUOTE]
    I actually agree, I don't think 49ers are likely to be the worst team next year, but I do think its more likely their pick is in the top 10 than the bottom 10.
    Dallas with Cleveland's pick is actually more likely

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    the Miami Dolphins take Philip Merling/DL/Clemson.....

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    The Green Bay Packers (via trade with the Dolphins) select QB Brian Brohm.

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    [QUOTE=JeffWeaverFan]49ers won't be bad at all.[/QUOTE]
    I think they're a playoff team next year.

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    I want us to pick STEVE SLATON in the 08 draft! Hopefully Chad will be out the door by then and Slaton can help Clemens anchor the ship.

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    Out friends and future roommates are not an outside possibility.. Without Tiki they may go down faster then Brady on George Michael.

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    [QUOTE=Kerry Rhodes]Easily the Raiders.[/QUOTE]

    Not with that defense! It will be the Browns, I mean Dallas via Cleveland! Everyone will finally see that Quinn will ultimately be a major bust and the Browns wil win two games!


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