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Thread: San Diego never traded Turner

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    San Diego never traded Turner

    AJ Smith turned out not to be the smarty pants he thought he was. Now the Chargers have to pay big $ for a backup RB on the bench and get zip when he leaves as a UFA next year. I love it!

    Where's the 1st and 3rd demands now by that Smith? ha ha

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    I dont want them to trade him.

    Im hoping his arrogance lets Turner leave next year for free.

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    He'll trade him tomorrow for a 2008 first and 2007 4th or 5th. :yes:

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    Foolish. The smart move would be trading him for a 2008 first rounder and, say, a 2nd or 3rd rounder this year. That, at least the first rounder for next year, can still happen.


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