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Thread: Fantasy Congress

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    Fantasy Congress

    Hey, any of you want to do this? I just made a league. [URL=][/URL]

    The League is JIFC and the password is jets.

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    I'm confused.

    Don't we already have a fantasy congress?

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    You made a funny.

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    heh... this looks mildly entertaining. I'll read about it more tomorrow, I might sign up.

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    [QUOTE=PlumberKhan]I'm confused.

    Don't we already have a fantasy congress?[/QUOTE]

    More like a fatalist congress--all doom and gloom:

    The war is lost (false); the economy's bad (net wealth only up 38%); everybody hates us (except illegal immigrants); homeland security poor (even tho 5 yrs w/o an attack); etc., etc. --a bunch of whining wimps-- :steamin:

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    cmon this looks fun


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