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Thread: Study Shows Fans Think About Soccer 80 Times a Day

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    Study Shows Fans Think About Soccer 80 Times a Day,,2-2007210393,00.html
    80 times a day for football fans

    May 09, 2007


    FORGET men and women being sex obsessed, new research has shown fans think about football 80 times a day on average.

    A poll of more than 2,000 football fans by Virgin Money found the average fan thinks about the beautiful game once every 12 minutes during their waking hours.

    And around seven per cent of supporters admitted thinking about the game once a minute.

    The research reveals the fans of teams battling relegation think about their struggling sides the most, with Sheffield United and Charlton topping the poll.

    But fans willingly their club to win titles also score highly with Chelsea and Liverpool in the 3rd and 4th most thought about spots.

    Virgin Money usually focus on how much money fans put into the game through its Football Fans’ Inflation Index.

    But their research show fans put just as much of their mental energy into their team.

    Virgin Money spokesman John Franklin said: “The old advertising slogan was 'Eat Football, Sleep Football, Drink Football. It should be “Think Football' as well.

    “Partners of obsessive football fans will be well aware of the sometimes frightening level of interest in the game by hardcore supporters and they’ll be used to the occasional glazed look on the face of their loved ones.

    “We all know that football can be expensive financially but this shows it also requires a lot of thinking as well.”

    Table of fans who think about their clubs the most a day:

    1. Sheffield Utd (110 times)
    2. Charlton (104)
    3. Chelsea (90)
    4. Liverpool (81)
    5. West Ham (79)
    6. Man Utd (71)
    7. Newcastle (70)
    8. Arsenal (69)
    9. Reading (67)
    10. Portsmouth (63)
    11. Aston Villa (62)
    12. Tottenham (61)
    13. Middlesbrough (59)
    14. Blackburn (58)
    15. Man City (57)
    16. Fulham (57)
    17. Bolton (57)
    18. Wigan (57)
    19. Watford (51)
    20. Everton (43)

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    Those Sheffield fans will think about them less now that they are relegated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bay Ridge Jet
    Those Sheffield fans will think about them less now that they are relegated.
    Same with Charlton.


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