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Thread: Would this be a 24/7 news item if.....

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    Would this be a 24/7 news item if.....

    ...the victims were black and the perps white?

    [QUOTE]It's always interesting what the msm deems *news worthy*. For instance, look at the coverage the Imus affair received. You would have thought this Imus character burned down the White House, he was a headliner for a week. And the Duke lacrosse case, that's another strange one. That was on the news full-time until the case started unravelling, then when it was clear the boys were innocent, news organizations ran from it like it was typhoid fever. [/QUOTE] :steamin:

    [url=] source [/url]
    Another [url=,1406,KNS_347_5277265,00.html] link [/url]
    And [url=] another [/url]

    St. Nicolas Thief, president and founder of Black Poverty Speaks, said this:
    [QUOTE]“We’re celebrating underprivileged Knoxville blacks who victimize privileged Knoxville whites,” [/QUOTE]
    Blacks [url=] party to celebrate this brutal crime [/url]

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    and if OJ killed a black woman and her black man friend, would there have been as major of a media circus as there had been?

    My point is that the race card sells papers. Both ways

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    I am sure Jesse and Al will bring this to the media forefront soon. ;)

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    after reading that article, I retract my statement and who these animals burn in hell

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    Sickening. Why is it not reported? Have not heard a word about it. Worse yet, how could you justify in any imaginable way a reason to celebrate it? How the hell can any group rally around these animals and celebrate them?

    Not the first example. Google the Wichita massacre and check that one out.

    Another example of the pathetic, cowardly, controlled, manipulative, and disgusting entity the msm has made itself. We're better off without them. Maybe people would think for themselves for a change.

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    the accused are in custody and awaiting trial

    what exactly are you all complaining about?

    the mainstream media you are crapping on is the same one that laid down and played dead when this president lead this country to an unwinnable war for no reason.

    sometimes the MSM reports stories you want people to hear about, sometimes it doesn't - grow up and get over it.


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