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Thread: John McCain is DELUSIONAL

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    John McCain is DELUSIONAL

    Does this guy really think the insurgents in Iraq will give up and the US military will out last them. The man actually said it yesterday during the debate. Is he that delusional? Those people have been fighting for hundreds and hundreds of years, Why is he trying to jump on Bush's wagon?

    I'm curious as to what his stand will be when the war is even further fcked in 10 months.
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    [QUOTE=Riggins44]He pyscopath, corporate stoodge liberal, except he has an incredible lust for starting wars -- classic Fox Network type neo-con.

    He's roundly laughed at by most true Republicans. But because the media loves him so much, he's lives in a fantasy world that he's still popular :huh:

    By the way, I think what he'd love to do is implement a draft and flood the Middle east with a few million American soldiers. He's nut and he IS being shunned strongly by the true cons' (like me)....and he should be shunned by all![/QUOTE]

    He was a legit candidate in 2000, was he not? I actually remember liking him some what. I don't recall him being this crazy back than.


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