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Thread: So... in your honest opinion.. how hosed were we

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    So... in your honest opinion.. how hosed were we

    on a scale from 1-10, how hosed did we get by the officials yesterday.
    I'm saying an 8.

    More of Goodell protecting his product even. Mike Triplet claimed that that isn't a call any official should mess up on the timeout bs.

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    We played like stinky vaginas for 3 quarters. We deserved every bit of that loss. Oline couldn't block and dlune lost pressure. Decker getting hurt is really going to be a problem. Fcuk salas and sudfeld. Next time either of those fairies makes a play will be the first time

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    I disagree.

    1) After the TO, the Jets made a first down and could have gone on to score.
    2) At that point it was a tie. It could have gone either way after that.

    It was a ****ty call no doubt but there was still a lot of football to be played.
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    Blaming the refs is a lousy excuse. Jets just f*cked it up as usual.

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    No blanding thtrip in teh Hampur, Thankee.


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