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    Ed Brown: Patriot

    I wanted to post a topic about Patriot Ed Brown who has hunkered down into his estate waiting for the Feds to make their move, but there have been so many recently written articles that I might as well compile a list of archived posts.

    What follows are articles that appeared as the story progressed and unfolded. I have done my best to keep them in chronological order.

    [B]Archive of Articles about Ed Brown.[/B]

    [URL=""][SIZE="3"]Naive To Believe Ed Brown Events Were Not Preparation For Future Siege[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="2"]Would police erect roadblocks, close airspace, evacuate neighbors, cut phone and power lines, descend with SWAT team, APC's to simply serve a warrant? [/SIZE][/URL]

    [URL=""][SIZE="3"]Ed Brown: Police, SWAT Team Incident Was "Test" To See What Response Would Be [/SIZE]
    [SIZE="2"]New Waco averted as authorities leave after surrounding property [/SIZE][/URL]

    [URL=""]Lawman: Brown Seige May Be Psy Op[/URL]

    [URL=""]Interview With Edward Brown On June 7, 2007 [/URL]

    [URL=""]Press Conference Near Ed Brown Property[/URL]

    [URL=""]Ed Brown says feds have no jurisdiction in NH[/URL]

    [URL=""]Feds Show Force to Fugitive N.H. Couple.[/URL]

    [URL=""][SIZE="3"]Marshals Fired Rounds At Ed Brown's Dog Walker Before Planned Siege [/SIZE]
    [SIZE="2"]Testimony proves that yesterday's events were not just preparation for a siege - it was a siege, dog walker's disappearance gave Browns early warning and operation was aborted [/SIZE][/URL]

    [URL=""][SIZE="3"]Exclusive: Federal Assault On Brown Home Was Aborted [/SIZE]
    [SIZE="2"]Man fired upon and captured tells story of being ordered to lie to media by FBI and cover up botched raid [/SIZE][/URL]

    [URL=""]Brown Says Agents Came To Kill Him [/URL]

    [URL=""]Brown felt federal raid was 'imminent'[/URL]

    [URL=""][SIZE="3"]Police Lie, Say Browns Not Under Siege Despite Presence Of Six APC's, Helicopters, Fully Armed Special Ops Teams [/SIZE]
    [SIZE="2"]Infowars goes inside the Brown's property to counter mainstream media blackout [/SIZE][/URL]

    [URL=""]Browns: Dog walker saved lives[/URL]

    [URL=""]Aborted Attempt to Murder the Browns [/URL]

    [URL=""]Lessons of Waco, Ruby Ridge applied at Plainfield [/URL]
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