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Thread: Soccer sucks! No, American football does!

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    Soccer sucks! No, American football does!

    This is a true story...can't remember the exact words because this is a story that took place back in the late 70's.

    I was working for the airlines back then...National Airlines. At that time I was car pooling with another guy who lived in the came community as me. We talked about many things and one of those conversations was his weekly bash on American football. I would counter with how soccer sucked and it was so boring to watch...a real sissy game. That would piss him off. He was originally from Rome, Italy and I would have to listen to the many soccer teams that Italy had. On the days it was my turn to drive, I would drop him off at his house and just about every evening, his little boy would be outside banging that soccer ball into a net.

    One day he would say, my son will be playing for blank (I can't remember the Italian team he mentioned). I think it started with an L. I use to laugh and told him soccer would be a dead sport by the time his son was old enough to play.

    Long story, short, Pan American Airlines bought out National Airlines in 1981 and my car pool buddy left the airlines, but we still kept in touch. One day he calls me and tells me that he loves American football....I laughed my ass off and told him..."Gino, I've been telling you that for years and you never listened." He laughed as well...his son is Olindo Mare.

    That's a true story. Gino still loves his soccer though...

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    lmao, you worked with olindo mare's father? how old are you?

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    LOL great story

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    Quote Originally Posted by yisman
    lmao, you worked with olindo mare's father? how old are you?
    Old enough.


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