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Thread: Lalas: MLS on Par with the Premiership

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    Lalas: MLS on Par with the Premiership
    Lalas: MLS players 'wouldn't miss a beat'
    Associated Press

    LONDON -- Alexi Lalas helped humiliate English soccer 14 years ago. It looks like he's trying to do it again.

    The Los Angeles Galaxy president, who scored when the United States beat England 2-0 in a friendly in 1993, told British newspapers that Major League Soccer is on a par with the Premier League.

    Irked by suggestions that David Beckham is going into semiretirement by joining the Galaxy, Lalas said the only reason the English league is popular is because of American-style marketing.

    "The fact that a segment of the world worships an inferior product in the Premiership is their business,'' Lalas said in an interview with The Guardian published Tuesday.

    "In England, our league is considered second class, but I honestly believe if you took a helicopter and grabbed a bunch of MLS players and took them to the perceived best league in the world they wouldn't miss a beat and the fans wouldn't notice any drop in quality.''

    Brian McBride and Clint Dempsey are among the American players in the Premier League, although they play for modest Fulham. None of the American players in England are stars of the caliber of those at teams such as Manchester United and Chelsea.

    McBride -- the third highest scorer in U.S. national team history with 30 goals -- scored nine times last season for Fulham, which finished 16th in the Premier League. His tally was 12 short of Didier Drogba's league-high 21 for Chelsea, and the same as Wigan's Emile Heskey and Aston Villa's Gabriel Agbonlahor.

    Despite criticizing the Premier League for sloganeering and over-marketing, Lalas claimed that, when he arrives, Beckham will have a higher profile in the United States than Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan.

    "The U.S. will never have dealt with an athlete who has had this kind of international impact,'' Lalas told The Mirror. "Tiger Woods has that international appeal but, with due respect to Woods and Michael Jordan, David Beckham is at an entirely different level.''

    Lalas, a 37-year-old former United States defender, said his country's record at the past four World Cups compared favorably with that of England -- England has two underwhelming quarterfinal appearances to one for the U.S. -- and suggested almost all those who criticize the MLS have yet to see the league.

    However, several British papers were unimpressed by the Galaxy's 3-2 win over Real Salt Lake on Sunday.

    "The game was not without moments of quality ... [but] some of the defending from both sides was the type of stuff you watch through your fingers,'' according to The Mirror. "It was the football equivalent of a demolition derby.

    "The use of possession was alarmingly careless and the concept of marking appeared not to have found its way across the Atlantic.''

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    Is he ****ing serious? I have watched plenty of MLS and I know EPL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MLS.

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    wow... what is he smoking? It's a worthy goal to one day have MLS on the same tier as the Premiership, but that day certainly hasn't arrived yet.

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    I don't think MLS is anywhere near the level of EPL. I suppose a few of the top tier teams of MLS could compete with some of the lower level teams of the EPL, like West Ham, Sheffield, and Fulham. But they couldn't hold a candle to the likes of Man U, Chelsea, or Liverpool. But I also think Lalas knows this, and I think he is just trying to stir the pot and generate some interest in the league. I would say his remarks are working seeing as I've been reading about his remarks everywhere and a lot of people have been discussing it, including those that don't call themselves soccer fans.

    I am one that hopes that MLS gets better and maybe one day it'll be up there eith EPL and la Liga, but it definitely isn't right now.

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    Lalas is trying to get the Galaxy more well known so hell say anything to make English papers, even if its a blurb few take seriously. MLS is on the rise and is better than a lot of the smaller Euro/Asian League. The talent is rising, the fan support needs to.

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    I guess that's one way to get the league attention.

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    mr lalas, please put down the crackpipe


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