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    What possible(realistic) moves could the knicks do to become a playoff team.

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    Realistically I dont think they can make any moves outside of drafting either a competent shooting guard or a good defender at the 3. The team doesnt have any expiring contracts to trade away and you cant make the salaries match up for a semistar player with guys like Channig Frye and Nate Robinson. If Detroit chooses to break things up maybe they can find a way to get Rasheed Wallace. Im not sure there is anyone else on the trading blocks they could go after. Billups would be a good guy for the Knicks, but with Francis and Marbury on the roster that doesnt seem to be a match.

    But, for all the grief I give the Knicks if they stay healthy they can probably sneak into the playoffs with what they have. The East is terrible and even with Dwight Howard I dont consider the Orlando Magic a lock team by any stretch. Thomas just needs to drill into their heads playing something resembling defense. they will continue to lose alot of those close games due to total mental breakdowns on defense.

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    2 new possibilities for the Knicks just opened up. One is a joke in that Antonio McDyess opted out of his contract and is now a free agent. But it looks like Paul Pierce is going to be available by Thursday. Hes gone the Kobe route saying if they dont bring in a star he wants out now. Im not sure Boston will be willing to go that way even though they love Pierce. apparently they are working on bringing in Shawn Marion from Phoenix, but that is the only thing on th ehorizon for them. If they have to trade him i think the Knicks could be a real player for him. Hes under big contract until 2011, which makes taking Steve Francis, Channing Frye, and this years pick or a similar package a realistic deal. Francis is off the books in 2 years so thats a major salary dump for Boston.


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