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Thread: ZBo - Welcome to NY - [NEW MIXTAPE]

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    ZBo - Welcome to NY - [NEW MIXTAPE]

    A mix I made of Zach "Z Bo" Randolph. It displays his array of offensive moves. His mobility, jumpshot and his TERRIFIC lateral quickness as well as footwork. This kid is gonna do wonders for this team beacuse he's so versatile offensively. F*ck what the haters say.

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    I like the running hook shot. Reminds me of Magic Johnson. You don't see too many players using that today. Not wild about the "song" though man. But then it kinda epitomizes why I am not a big NBA fan today. And I was a huge Knick fan in the day, starting with the Frazier, Reed, DeBush, Bradley, Barnett team.


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