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Thread: OT: Car bomb was detonated earlier today in Scotland

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    [QUOTE=pavlovianresponse]Crap... I just poked around the Political forum... this is blowhard central, it ain't pretty, and I'm getting the hell out of Hannity country. Please save your responses to my previous posts because [U]I am sticking to posting about football.[/U] :yes:[/QUOTE]

    Wise decision, you would be clearly outmatched.

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    [QUOTE=JetFanTransplant]Wise decision, you would be clearly outmatched.[/QUOTE]

    Thats a bit of a stretch JFT. ;)

    Actually, the Pinko Kid asked a few good questions:

    [QUOTE=pavlovianresponse]...can we critically examine just what this administration is doing WITHOUT being labeled a kid, a pinko, unamerican, etc??? [/QUOTE]

    Obviously not anymore.

    [QUOTE=pavlovianresponse]...anyone here familiar with the coup of the Iranian government in 1952 that was fully sponsored by the CIA?[/QUOTE]

    I have tried to bring that point up before...but most just gloss it over. Kermit who? We did what? 50 years is so so so so so so long ago. You don't think Iranians are still pissed about that?

    [QUOTE=pavlovianresponse]Whenever some two bit terrorist tries to strike in a Western country, we respond like a bunch of scared whiny *****es - [B]which is JUST what this enemy wants us to do[/B]. That's why it's called a TERRORist attack. The only way to fight this in our country is to NOT PANIC, REMAIN VIGILANT, and RESPOND WITH INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES.[/QUOTE]

    You mean terrorists attacks might be a way of terror leaders forcing our own governments to limit and take away the supposed freedoms they hate us for? Is the goal of terrorism to scare us so bad that we turn on each other? Hmmmmmmm.....


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