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Thread: Barney Frank To Run With The Bulls........

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    Barney Frank To Run With The Bulls........



    [quote]Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank announced yesterday that he was so inspired by the story and photos of two American brothers gored during the Running of The Bulls in Pamplona, Spain yesterday that he plans to participate next year.

    “I thought this whole event was simply a testosterone-laden macho spectacle,” said Frank, “but clearly, there’s…uh…more going on here. Something deeper, more penetrating. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I believe by experiencing the event first hand, I’ll be better able to articulate it.”

    A spokesman for a leading bull rights group was less enthused about the American politician’s decision.

    “Let’s just say we’re a bit skeptical about Congressman Frank’s true intentions,” said Bulls Without Borders legal representative Toro “El Toro” Torowitz. “If he’s there to truly experience the majesty of the event, fine. But if, perhaps, we find the Congressman starting at the finish line and running backwards with his pants around his ankles screaming ‘Here, bully, bully, bully,’ we’ll have a restraining order slapped on him faster than he can say ‘Ole.’”

    Frank rejected the insinuation that he would participate for anything less than noble intentions.

    “The celebration of tranquility in the face of danger is what The Running of The Bulls is all about,” said Frank. “That there are legions of sweaty men in nappy red scarves running from angry uncastrated bovines simply adds texture.”[/quote]

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    Wow. A gay joke.

    You're really cool.

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    I'm sure to relax afterwards he'll tkae on of those cruises hosted by Rosie O'Donnell!!


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