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Thread: Soldier hires hit man to shoot him, rather than return to Iraq

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    Soldier hires hit man to shoot him, rather than return to Iraq

    some real inspirational reading right here

    Aponte believes the U.S. is losing the war and urged President Bush to bring "everyone back ASAP."

    He said victory was virtually impossible when "we don't know who the enemy is. In Iraq, the enemy is dressed in street clothes, or they're pregnant ladies and sometimes even 8-year-olds with machine guns."
    On his first day of combat Aponte said a female sergeant killed herself in the middle of chow hall, an image he can't get out of his mind.

    "She locked, loaded and shot herself in the head," he recalled.

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    "I have nightmares all the time. I hear people screaming, gunshots, explosions, and I can smell burning flesh in my dreams," the 20-year-old told the Daily News yesterday as he fought back tears.

    Rather than endure another tour of trauma, authorities say, Aponte hired a hit man to shoot him in the leg so he could stay home.

    Not that I'm not sympathetic, but didn't he ever hear the old cliche "war is hell"? He's only 20, meaning he probably signed up while we were in the middle of our Iraq campaign. What exactly was he expecting to see over there?

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    ....'it's Clinton's fault'......


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