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Thread: POS Simon Re-Signs

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    POS Simon Re-Signs

    "Chris is just one of those old-school guys who gave our team a little bit of everything last season," said Nolan, who coached Simon in junior hockey with Sault Ste. Marie."We can't overstate Si's leadership. He'll have a big role with our team, just like last season."

    A little bit of everything? That's for sure Ted. Maybe this year he will actually mame someone and he and Nolan can do a war dance around the fallen victim. And maybe Teddy can teach him the art of sleeping with another player's wife. There's two stand-up guys who deserve each other.

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    Love him or hate him (I know which route ranger fans will take) He does add alot to a team, he threw a cheap shot forsure.. Grit is what carries a team though and I remember him helping Calgary alot in their 03 cup run. I won't condone his action in that one particular game, but IMO he's a key player.


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