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Thread: Watching Bayern M. vs Shalke?

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    Watching Bayern M. vs Shalke?

    Would like to see Ribery, who seems to be making an early impact at Bayern, but looks like he's sitting out with a bad knee.

    Still, won't mind seeing Luca Toni and Klose and what they bring.

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    I did not see the game but I am a big Bayern fan. To bad they are not in the CL this year

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    You didn't miss too much. Didn't see Luca Toni or Ribery. Schweinsteiger was out too I believe(flu?). Ollie Kahn had a nice save on a free kick. Klose's goal was ugly, but good enough.

    CL or not, Bayern looks stacked this year.

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    What channel was it on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodyPaige
    What channel was it on?
    Was on Gol TV last Saturday.


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