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Thread: Lets Go Nova!!!!!!!

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    Lets Go Nova!!!!!!!

    All about Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fisher this year

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    This is going the be a great year! Don't forget about stokes. The kid can straight out play a game of basketball. Reynolds will probley play off guard getting alot of good looks. Only bad spot is we dont have a big man. Cunningham really improved but we need a guy who can dominate down low and get those strong rebounds. Drummond? I dont think so. I think a couple freshman got redshirted last year would are big. This season is going to be great. Who you think will be the starters?
    I think Fisher PG, Reynolds SG, Stokes SF. Cunningham PF, Pena C
    If everyone stays and we get a big man this team could be real special in 2 years.

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    You guys go to Nova?

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    No I just fell in love with the team, kind of like the jets. lol

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    Nova will be pretty dominant this year. Pena and Ott will make big contributions after their red shirt last year. Don't forget Pena was the best player coming in last year until they got Reynolds. They red shirted him for academic reasons and ott is 7 feet tall. The two guards coming in are suppose to be sick, and will fit in perfectly into Nova's offense. Could be the second coming of Foye and Ray...

    I graduated Nova this may and I am not happy I am losing the free student tickets..

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    O man that sucks. Im trying to go to the Pitt game at the Pavillion. Got to love that place. Yea This season is going to be great. We dont have a senior right? Since you go to Villanova who do you think will be the starting lineup. I hope Ott can be the man because we really need a big man. I heard Tyreke Evens might verbelly commit but people think hes 1 nd done. Id rather get a recruit thats going to stay for atleast 3 years.

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    The games at the Pavilion are amazing. I think i am going to try to get tickets for the Wachovia games, if im not working those days. And then try to con some kids I still know there into givin me their tickets if they cant go lol... starting lineup is difficult. Its hard bc I'm not at Nova so I dont get those inside rumors about the team, since news flies across that campus..

    Stokes or Fischer.. which ever impresses better over the summer

    If they both play well I could see Cunningham, Reynolds, Stokes, Fischer and Clark

    Shane Clark has improved every year so far so I am expecting some big things out of him. I also dont think I need to put positions down, because Nova fans know they mean nothing, especially since Jay Wright runs a very "loose" offense to say the least (basically like streetball) with about 2 set screens

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    Yea i have been impressed with the development of Clark and Cunningham. Cunningham has got that strive to go to the basket and it took Coach Wright awhile to relize to put him in the post. Clark has been a surpise to me because he has a great 3 ball. Its good to know we have alot more depth this year then last year. Do you know if Sumpter ever got picked up by an NBA team?

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    He played summerball with the Nuggets this year.. These are his stats

    Yeah Cunningham developed nicely, Jay didn't think to use him in the post because his first year he had the 4 guards. And this year I think he started to show off his talents. Clark is a good ball player, don't forget he came in late his freshman year, he couldnt start playing till second semester, so he always seemed a step behind due to his lack of conditioning and un familiarity with the team. He could have a big break out year this year, he shots a nice 3 and has the size to go down low if he has to..

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    Wow Curtis is doing good in the D League. What do you think about Tyreke Evens? Would you want him for 1 year and then he leaves? Can't wait for the season to start. Whats your big east prediction? I think we can definatley keep up with most of the teams. Georgetown should be the toughest in the Big East. We can handle them but we have to play the second half. Seemed like most of are losses last year we were up at half time and then just went down hill in the second half. Any news on Drummond? I heard he got in a fight with Wright or something and was going to transfer. He looked like he could be a big back up. Hes Huge! Could probley play LG for the Jets.

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    Drummond is a monster, I have stood next to him b4 and I am 6 feet 220lbs and he made me look small. I haven't heard about any fights btwn him and Jay, I lose out of some of those things not being their nemore. Knowing Jay he prolly did get into a fight with Drummond, there were a lot of rumors going around about how J and Allen Ray used to fight a lot, and they didn't get along especially because J got along so well with Randy. J is defiantly a coach that plays his favorites and everyone knows who they are. I am not a huge fan of the one and done players. Kyle Lowry leaving after two years really turned me off to that, because I felt if he stayed and was with Scottie and Sumpter, they woulda have been nasty. I also like how Foye didn't go into the draft his junior year even though there was a lot of rumors about that and instead stayed and played his senior year. I think we can keep up with a good amount of the teams, Georgetown is definatly the team to beat this year. Depaul will probably be good to I heard. I hate 'Cuse bc that idiot guard they have now Defendorf is just a piece of sh*t lol.. I also think this will be a rebuiding year for Uconn.. Pit will also be good again I think this year. I also think that ST Johns will surprise a lot of people. I have heard a lot of good things about them that they are turning that program around.

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    Yea Drummond his a big kid. Never knew Ray nd J didnt get along. Did J favorite Nardi? No offense but i couldnt stand the guy. He had a couple of good games but he would take some crazy 3's. Randy Foye is my hero. I love the guy. The one thing about Lowry though if he stayed then we wouldnt of had the scholarship to get Reynolds. Lowry was a great player and might drive to the rim better then Reynolds but you got to love Reynolds 3 point ball. I went to the Depaul game last year that set Reynolds on fire. Speaking of Depaul, you think they will be good even though the lost Chandler? He fricken lit us up last year. Good thing hes a knick .

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    Nova at 25. Glad to be ranked this year as this team as loads of talent. I think drummond might have a breakout year as people are saying he worked really hard in the offseason to slim down. Can't wait for the season to start with the way the Jets are playing. Duke at 11 god what a joke.

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    Very impressed with the team so far. Drummond has come out of no where and is huge in the paint. Fisher is going to be a great player and malcom grant shows some promise to. Stokes is playing scared we need to let him loose and let him take shots so hes ready for Big East play. Scottie is Scottie. I always liked Cunningham but he needs to stop taking the deep 2 just inside the 3 point line. So Far I am liking what im seeing and we got hosed against NC ST but whatever.


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    Whoa, where did that come from? You guys can write this one off since many good teams got spooked in that building.

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    Nova must win tonight to keep their NCAA bid alive...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JV51 View Post
    Nova must win tonight to keep their NCAA bid alive...
    its okay they if they beat l'ville.. Good to see Stokes coming along and Anderson. Im still a little shakey on Fisher.

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    Bad loss, it's night and day with these youngings..

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    ... Hope we get in sunday.


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