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Thread: Is Thomas Jones starting next week vs. Pats??

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    [QUOTE=Federal Hill Jet Fan]Gotta win the division first dude.[/QUOTE]

    Are you serious?

    The Pats can sleepwalk through the regular season and still win the AFCE.

    They have absolutely no competition this year.

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    Did Cedric Houston retire? If so any idea why? Babu

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    [QUOTE=Federal Hill Jet Fan]Gotta win the division first dude. Plus I dont think BB is looking that far into the future...[/QUOTE]

    not assuming anything....just making note of the fact
    that the 2nd wk game against SD is going to be crucial in the long-term. rush back Moss,Kyle Brady and Asante Samuel for the game against the Jets,is
    just plain stupid.......and BB ain't.

    If the Pats lose to the Jets in week 1 without these big deal,that's manageable.

    But,if we rush them back and subsequently lose the far more important game vs SD.....then that
    loss could be critical,later on.

    We don't need these starters against Buffalo or NY
    or even Cinn......We must have them against San Diego.

    The Pats could survive going 2-2 or even 1-3 in the first 4 long as 1 of the wins was against SD at home.

    That's why were all focused on Game 2.


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