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Thread: OT: Did John Facenda make you a football fan?

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    OT: Did John Facenda make you a football fan?

    I just heard the "Godly" voice of John Facenda on ESPN radio. Facenda passed away in 1984. But, i have to tell you, it was HIS voice describing games that played as much a role as anything in my following football. His voice WAS FOOTBALL. It's very disappointing that the NFL hasnt found anybody who could replace him in all these years. PS - We also need to see more slo-mo and hear more of that unique classical NFL music. Facenda + slo-mo + NFL classical music = being awe-inspired!




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    John Facenda was, is and always will be the voice of pro football .. and yes, he had a huge influence on my passion for this game .. he made pro football sound like something you had to watch, couldn't miss, otherwise you would be missing something spectacular and grand, played and coached by men you have to admire for their toughness

    That was my impression the first time I heard John Facenda and every time since .. he could convey that message with the spoken word like no-one else
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    No. But he is the voice of football for me. The guy was great.

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    It's no mistake that the NFL Sound Track that Facenda's voice is usually dubbed over is called [b][i]THE POWER AND THE GLORY[/i][/b]


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