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Thread: Previewing the AFC East: The New England Patriots

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    [QUOTE=Tailgater]Good breakdown Jason. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Look forward to the rest of your analysis.

    I do think you're missing the value of Matt Casell though. He looked much better this year in the preseason. Most pats fans (delusional, I know), feel that, with this roster, he could get the team to the playoffs, much as Brady did with a much weaker roster, on both sides of the ball, in 2001.[/QUOTE]
    If Cassell took the Pats to a SB I think it would damage Bradys reputation and probably cement the coach as the greatest of all time. The more I looked into it the more it seemed as if alot of people were not thrilled with Cassell but in love with the rookie. I didnt see alot of the Pats in the preseason, but that was the opinion I seemed to get from my research on him.

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    [QUOTE=Tailgater]I see many posts predicting the pats defensive demise, all without playing one snap in the regular season.

    My opinion is based on watching them at practice and in the preseason, and comparing them to past years in that same time period. I could care less about the hype from others. Could I be wrong? Yup. Could you? Yup. :yes:[/QUOTE]
    Based on the last 2 playoffs - i'm not wrong. And preseason means dick.

    I somewhat see your point though, esp about anyone being able to be right or wrong. That's just common sense though, nothing else. :yes:

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    [QUOTE=Jason423]FWIW, if I were a betting man Id be putting my money on NE, but Jets and Bengals on the road, plus San Diego at home should give NE much more chances to lose than that stretch at the end of the season. Plus if you want to catch the Pats usually you want to catch them early. Id be surprised if New England went 4-0 weeks 1-4. Id be pretty surprised if they didnt weeks 14-17, unless they just take week 17 off.[/QUOTE]

    I completely agree with you Jason.

    If the Pats come out of September 2-2 at the worse, I will be happy.

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    It'll take teams like SD, Indy, & the Bengals, with amazing offenses and a variety of weapons, to make this d look as old as its calendar age. I honestly don't believe the Jets or many other teams have that ability.[/QUOTE]

    Thats going to be the real test for the Pats. If you can spread NE thin you can exploit their weaknesses. The moves New England made in the offseason arent to distance themselves from teams like the Jets, regardless of what us Jets fans want to believe, its to close the gap between themselves and teams like the Colts and Chargers. Once you force the LBs to take a more active role without the safety support it hurts NE. I think the Pats are something like 1-5 against those top notch offensive teams in the last two years. Im not sure of the Bengals can keep them honest enough with their run game and they make too mistakes, but they certainly have the weapons. Id be worried about Dallas as well as a team that could spread them thin. If the Pats go 1-3 against the Chargers, Cowboys, Colts, and Bengals Id say all these movs really didnt help the team too much.

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    [QUOTE=Jason423]If the Pats go 1-3 against the Chargers, Cowboys, Colts, and Bengals Id say all these movs really didnt help the team too much.[/QUOTE]

    I would agree with you on that, if they do go 1-3. I expect them to be 3-1, 2-2 at worst in those 4 games.

    SD can beat them. The Bengals? I'll have to see a dramatic improvement in their defense before I'd give them a chance at winning the game. They can score, but can they outscore the pats?

    Cowboys? Eh. It's hard for me to give them a shot, but they do have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. Romo doesn't scare me, but Owens and a healthy Glenn can do a lot of damage to any team.

    The Colts? I'd still have to give that game to the Colts until the Pats prove they can beat them.

    Thank god it's time for some football!

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    [QUOTE=FrankMoga]Sir, with all due respect, aren't you at least alittle wee bit nervous about the overall team speed of your defense, especially your Lb's corps. Just a thought. That may be an issue that hurts your organization's efforts to win a 4th SB.
    Just some thoughts.


    Heck if thats the case what does it say about a Jets team that was one of the worst on both sides of the ball? ALSO the Jets defensive rankings is all a sham due to the fact that they slowed the game down so teams don't run up yardage and scores on them. Jets had one of the worst run and pass defenses but played such a slow game they kept the points against down. I read an article like that somewhere. I need to find it.

    Week one can't get here soon enough. Jets are going to get **** kicked. You won't hear any "Man-Genius" crap come week 8. The Jets will be fighting to get to .500. Dude the Jets are garbage.


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