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Thread: Where is Mangini's ego now??

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    Thumbs down Where is Mangini's ego now??

    All his stupid rules, goofy quirks, arrogant ways mean jack **** now. This clown is overrated. I said it from the day we signed him. You goofy Jet fans get excited over every stinkin' free agent signing, trade, or coach. Delusions of grandeur is what it's called.

    How about that penguin boy? You need to get Tanny the hell out of there too. He is clueless. I wouldn't let that joker sweep the parking lots after the game. Big friggin' Mr. Potato Head look-a-like. You all love mediocracy.

    The owner is no better. Doesn't know **** about football. Hey Woody go squirt some of your hand lotion on your bald head you loser. You are dragging this franchise down by prolonging the inevitable; that is a QB who will never win the big games and set this team back from moving forward.

    You allowed Pete Kendall to leave because of 1 million bucks. You are not Mr. Kraft therefore you can not afford to be a stubborn owner and let players walk like the Pats do and still win. It's haunting you now! Your coach is second rate unlike the Pats who have a first rate coach you jackass.

    36 years of this crap and I've had it. Mangini the fraud was doing his post game show whispering in the microphone like a little mouse. Where was his boldness? He spoke of consistent play for 4 quarters. What the hell was he talking about there was no consistent play for 4 minutes. The only consistent thing you can look forward to is consistently losing. Mangenius! Tangini! Two queers who are confused on how to put a team together.

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    i can see ur not a jet fan as u forget we made the playoffs last yr,bandwagon guys like u we dont need,your diatribe is pathetic.

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    Mangini took over a 4-12 team and went 10-6.

    Some fans are just stupid, to put it lightly.

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    You know, people make fun of Jet fans because of people like you. Fairweather fans that praise a coach when he does well and crucify him after a tough loss. Am i saying he shouldn't be questioned and that he doesn't make mistakes? Of course not. Today, our offensive and Defensive lines were overmatched and the revolving door at the #2CB spot absolutely killed us between Barrett and Justin Miller. (Revis started playing Moss towards the end if i'm not mistaken) What in hell's name did you want Mangini to call that would have stopped Dewayne Robertson from being pushed off the LOS?

    As for the LOG situation, it could have been handled better, certainly. i think most of us will tell you that. Kendall is better than what we have now at that spot. Most of us will also agree to that. I'm not going to call it a disaster just yet though because Kendall was on his decline of a career and how many good years left did he have in him? We got a middle round draft pick for him and with the way we've drafted so far, that's where the FO shines. But i also gather that if Kendall got injured or sucked this year you would have crucified the GM for not going ahead with the trade.


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