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Thread: Was Chad Deliberately Twisted by Pats Defender?

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    Was Chad Deliberately Twisted by Pats Defender?

    I've seen it now 3x and it looks like the defender is locking his legs around Chads foot and twisting him down.

    Of course I could be wrong, but, this isnt a straight take down, its very unorthodox.

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    no. tackle football is a rough game

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    NO!!! He fell down and couldn't get up, what else is there (well he did get up)

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    I'm as big a conspiracy theorist as you'll find, especially against the Pats. But c'mon man, these plays happened so fast, there's no way that was on purpse.

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    Maybe Jarvis Green was trying to apply the Boston Crab... little does he know that Chad is so tough that he'll never submit.

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    Honestly, what I think happend is that the Patriots hacked into the jets email server during the game (hacked the email server by mistake. they meant to break into the playbook on Mangina's PC), stole an email sent from the trainer to Mangina describing the weakness of Penny-boy's right ankle and then relayed this to belichick who then relayed it to Dean Peas, the Pats DC, who then told Green to go for the ankle.

    But the plan hinged on the bribe that Ferguson took to suck yesterday...finally, he agreed at halftime to totally tank and put penny out of his misery..

    yeah, yeah..thats the ticket!

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    mods, can we just get a "Lock, Dump, Ban, Rape" button somewhere down near the "post reply" button or something? i'd gladly chip in for the porogrammer...


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