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Thread: Jets* Caught Cheating...THIS IS BIG!!

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    Jets* Caught Cheating...THIS IS BIG!!

    Because of "SnapCountGate" the following actions MUST take place:

    1. All real true honest NFL fans will email the commish and DEMAND that he take action "for the good of the game." (Because after all, cheating is cheating.)

    2. An asterisk must be placed next to the Jets* record since we have no idea how often Cheatgini has cheated. You have to wonder what he WOULDN'T DO to win a game if he would stoop this low.

    3. Cheatgini must be fined and suspended and the Jets must lose multiple draft picks. OR else every other team will keep doing this. A message MUST be sent.

    4. Jets fans should hang their head in shame for supporting such an evil scumbag. And what did Woody know and when did he know it? He should fire Cheatgini or else he is saying cheating is accpetable.

    My son little Fox said" "Dad, why would the Jets cheat?" What am I supossed to tell him?

    This has NOTHING TO DO with me not liking the Jets. This is about the basic integrity of the game.

    What do you say Jets fans? Are you with me?

    Begin spinning in 3....2....1....

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    In the crapper ya go!!

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    Ooooohhhh man...MOVED!


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    If it makes you feel better, FF... I thought it was funny.

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    Well, we did that only to counter balance the misdirection used by the Ravens.

    There was this one play on Sunday where it looked like they were going left, and then they decided to go the other direction. Clearly the team planned it.

    How the hell are you supposed to stop a team if they are using subterfuge and purposely trying to confuse your defense? I DVR the games. I watched it more than once. The whole team was acting in concert. It was a damn conspiracy, I tell you.

    If that isn't cheating, I don't know what is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freestater
    If it makes you feel better, FF... I thought it was funny.
    It does!

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    Wow you got me there


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