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Thread: Boxing/MMA schedules

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    Boxing/MMA schedules

    Since we now have our own forum, I thought I'd list the upcoming bouts for the remaining year.

    This site is great, because it has links to all the stations, including PPV.

    This link lists the upcoming MMA events:

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    sweet thanx

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    I didn't realize it until I looked at the sked, but Margarito is scheduled to fight on the Mosley-Cotto undercard.

    Casamayor is also scheduled to fight. Man, I messed up. My cousin is having her baby shower on the 10th, but since I already booked my airfare for Thanksgiving, I can't go. Had I known the fight was also scheduled for that night.....

    Saturday November 10 2007 Click For Details Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA
    WBA WBC Welterweight Title Shane Mosley 44 W 4 L 0 D 37 KOs vs. Miguel Angel Cotto 30 W 0 L 0 D 25 KOS

    Lightweight Joel Casamayor 34 W 3 L 1 D 21 KOs vs. Jose Armando Santa Cruz 25 W 2 L 0 D 14 KOs

    Welterweight TBA 1 W 0 L 0 D 0 KOs vs. Antonio Margarito 34 W 5 L 0 D 24 KOs

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    Thanks for that link for the MMA site. Pretty cool.

    I mostly read and leave comments on

    Any others?

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    I also go to ufcjunkie some others are and


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