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Thread: OT: NCAA Hoops Headlines

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    OT: NCAA Hoops Headlines

    Here are the first 3 Headline stories on ESPN's College Basketball page:

    * Pitt guard Fields to enter first-offender program

    * Indiana recruit held on drug charges in Kentucky

    * Police: Drugs found in apartment of Vols' Crews

    So many little time.

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    This got moved off the Landing Strip..???

    But it's a social commentary...sorta like what goes on in the Lombardi Reststop or like the enlightening "Boobs or Butts" thread.

    I guess this would have stayed on the front page if it was posted by one of the Kool Kids.

    Maybe I'll send it to one of them to post so the Hall Monitors will leave it alone.

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    I went to high school with Fields


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