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Thread: Where do we go from here?

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    Where do we go from here?

    At first glance there seems so much that is wrong with this team that it's hard to determine what the prioritites should be for this team. First let me say that I believe that in no way will this team finish the season with a winning record. So that then brings up the philosophy of "with the addition of a couple of playmakers are we good enough to turn it around" or "there are just too many question marks we have to build from the draft and get rid of dead weight".

    How many Jet fans have confidence in Mangini/Tannenbaum to be the braintrust to get the players that we need? I thought Mangini was starting off a good HC last year but when I read in the Daily News that he was in more of a "support mode" than kicking some butt that caused me concern. When you lose to a team like the Bills you need to put some players on notice for poor play not give them encourgement and hold their hands.

    I also love Chad but have to say thanks to the points made by a lot of players on this board believe that he is NOT the QB who will take this franchise to a SB. The contract that they gave him will haunt this team for a long while.

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    How many more times do you plan on starting a thread that is exactly like 12 other threads on the front page this week?

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    If he doesn't make some hard decisions (Sutton/Pennington) and get in some players grills (B. Thomas, Robertson) he is losing the credibility he gained for stealing some games last year with questionable talent.

    Tannebaum has always had questionable credentials from a player evaluation perspective (as a contract guy). Going into this year as this team is constructed and jerking around with the Kendell situation over $1mm doesn't seem to make him any better than the doubters thought.


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