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Thread: Look At The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss!!!

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    Look At The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss!!!

    Does Woody remind you of anybody??? Another deal to play in the SWAMP in Jersey in what was intended to be the Giants new stadium (and really still is).

    An owner who has hired 2 unproven head coaches and promoted 1 GM that had no prior experience with that position.

    Remind you of another owner, and how did that owner do???

    Woody Johnson learned nothing from Hess's many, many, many mistakes.

    that's frightening!!!

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    Why was JeffreyJet banned?

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    It's a joke, right, Ikey?

    The punchline is "Because he was busy being Doc!!!"

    LOL, guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Paranoid Jet View Post
    It's a joke, right, Ikey?

    The punchline is "Because he was busy being Doc!!!"

    LOL, guys.
    I just looked over Doc's posts, and it is the exact same guy. Reading some of the stuff posted here two years ago is like taking a trip into a time machine, I just read a thread that Doc started about the "Patriot model" and how we will never beat them, guess what he was right.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc
    Do you read your own dreck?

    1) I can't think of a better example of antithesis, than Herman E. as apposed to Bill B. One guy is a student of the game, the other is a student of jive talk. One guy is a workaholic, the other guy can't even manage to learn how to use the clock right. One guy is cerebral, the other guy doesn't even know what that word means. So, one isn't the antithesis of the other?

    Then the organizations: This patriot team dominates, doesn't choke, is consistent, gets better and better, is a dynasty in the making. That's not the antithesis of the Jets?
    Quote Originally Posted by Anynomous
    I'm tired of all this talk about how Belicheck is soooo much better than Herm. Edwards is a very good coach and he understands the game of football more than Belicheck. BB never even played football, Herm did and was actually a pretty good player. What the hell did Bill do when he was with the Browns? Nothing. Don't get me wrong, Belicheck is a better coach than Herm, but not by a mile like most people tend to think. BB has always had a better group of players and coaches than Herm. But not this year.
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    I miss rajensen088.

    I thought he'd come back by now considering Herm's record > Mangini's this year.


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