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Thread: This is worse than the Kotite years!

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    This is worse than the Kotite years!

    It seriously is. At least I enjoyed watching those teams. Chad has taken ALL of the enjoyment out of being a fan for me. I physically can't take watching him play anymore. It sickens me. I threw up in my mouth a bit yesterday. Can't he do us all a favor and just retire? Seriously....I honestly, no joke, would rather have Vinny play QB for us this year. It's hilarious that Vinny at 43 is better than Chad at 31. Vinny's already accomplished more this season than Chad has. Disgusting. Chad should be ashamed of his play this year. It's embarassing. Just retire dude...SERIOUSLY.

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    I can't take it anymore either, actually I never could take it truth be told, but the fact he's still starting when everybody besides HC thinks he shouldn't be is making me ill. I'm beginning to have serious contempt for Mangina because of all of this..


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