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Thread: ESPN Power Rankings- Jets take a beating

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    ESPN Power Rankings- Jets take a beating

    Well, now its official that the Jets are nearly back to "old" form a la the early nineties. It's not just a local opinion anymore. How long till us longtime fans break out the brown bags again at a home game?

    "The Jets, meanwhile, have lost three straight; the only reason they're not residing in the AFC East cellar is because the worst team in football -- and in our Power Rankings -- just happens to be in the same division.

    Even so, the Jets are now the worst one-win team in the NFL, according to our voters. That's right, even worse than the Falcons, whose one win (over the Texans) is at least respectable. The Jets' lone win came against the Dolphins, and just barely (by three points)."

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    Are you lost?


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