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Thread: Verizon FIOS TV (merged)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Ryan View Post
    Why should I pay extra? But anyways that isn't the reason for the switch.
    If it's not the reason for the switch it shouldn't be mentioned. You pay extra for lots of channels, the NFL network should definitely be one of them. It's a very limited channel.

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    Verizon FIos i a far superior product, and with the triple play the costs are about even with most other providers, also I think you still get some on demand channels included with your subscription. The interface is very similar to that of Tivo.

    The only bad thing is their customer service, you wait for very, very long periods of time to get any kind of help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Ryan View Post
    Thats what I'm getting. I have Comcast right now. It pisses me off that I don't have the NFL Network.
    Can you get NFLN with the new service your getting?

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    For a communications company...Verizon is the absolute worst company to try and communicate with. Worst phone system ever.

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    I agree on their of Customer service. Since I use Vonage for my phone, Verizon does not send an itemized bill. This makes no sense but for a few months they just kept billing my credit card with no breakdown of what i was paying for. Also their customer service for billing is only open Mon-Fri. Makes no sense that they will not send me a bill unless I have their phone service but that is what they told me.

    Overall I love th Fios system but they could improve their Customer Service.

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    I made the switch from Cablevision to Verizon Fios 2 months ago. I'm happy I did, Verizon Customer Service is much better. Cablevision will have you on hold for your entire lunch break. Picture quality is better, internet is GREAT. During the 2007 NFL Season, I didn't have to worry about Thur/Sat night NFL games. I watched the combines this weekend on the NFL Network which was a plus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYSE View Post
    I have it but im getting frustrated as of late.

    They changed the menu settings and added more bells and whistles but for whatever reason when I change the channel, whats actually showing and what the menu says is playing don't synch up sometimes and it leaves the screen black unless i flip back to the channel that has the program info for whats displayed

    never happened till they upgraded's probably using vista
    The same thing is happening to us. Sometimes the video stops and starts as well. The new menu settings are running so sluggish on our TV's it is really frustrating. I don't know why they didn't test it first to see if it would slow things down. I have to wait a few seconds after I press enter for the next items to appear. It makes you want to bypass the On Demand stuff altogether.

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    FIOS TV still not available where I live. Certain parts of Northport and Fort Salonga don't have it yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by THE_SOOTHSAYER View Post
    Seriously thinking about switching. Main concern is internet speed and reliability and TV picture quality. Has anyone switched?
    I would if they had the baseball package so I can watch the mets in my home in Tampa


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