[QUOTE=nuu faaola;2188486]Post #17, this thread.[/QUOTE]

wrong as usual.....obviously there is a comprehension problem on your part....you falsely claim:

[QUOTE=nuu faaola;2187340]What issue? This thread is about a mysterious sex scandal involving an unidentified presidential candidate. [B]You have surmised it must be a Democrat and decided that this "looks like, once again- the jokes on rat-wingers...."[/B]

[B]When asked to explain why you thought that, you interjected Mark Foley, [/B]Larry Craig and William Jefferson into the thread, to argue that somehow Republicans faced with scandals always resigned or were pressured out and Democrats never did, as if those were the only three disgraced pols in history.

yet as it is plain to see I interjected Foley in answer to the following in post 17:

[QUOTE][QUOTE=nuu faaola;2187196]I assume attributing this quote to Tom Delay, arguably the most scandal-plagued member of the most scandal plagued congress, is some sort of a joke, right?[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE]By the way, I find William Jefferson to be a scumbag. The difference between you and me is your insistence that somehow only Democrats are corrupt, or somehow more corrupt, or handle their corruption differently than Republicans do. I don't feel that way about Democrats. (Search for threads containing "culture of hypocrisy" from you to see 1,000 examples of this.)

I believe both sides have their bad apples.

I am a liberal so that's why I support Democrats on most issues. My allegiance is based on my views on issues. I[B] don't pretend the guys on my sides are saints and paint the entire opposition as traitors and devils, as you do so often[/B].[/QUOTE]

and it is obvious the way you constantly speak out against dirtbag libs when called out on them rather than avoid the issue...:rolleyes:

what a joke....just let it go....you are "embarassing" yourself...