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Thread: The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush

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    [QUOTE=MnJetFan;2203540]I tend to agree somewhat with Bit on this one. But I really dont think GW is much of a conservative he cut taxes [B]but he spent like a kid in a candy shop.[/B] That is why most true conservatives are distancing themselves from GW. If you cut taxes you must find ways to save money not the other way.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah on his birthday with his favorite uncle. Not his mom and/or dad. Just run the bill up.....Our tax dollars at work. Just not here in the USA

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    [QUOTE=Buster;2203599]What about the 9 trillion dollar national debt?[/QUOTE]

    What about it?

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    Ben Bernanke Schooled


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    [QUOTE=Buster;2203599]What about the 9 trillion dollar national debt?[/QUOTE]

    That's called good old fashioned conservative fiscal responsibility.

    Its also called the Iraqi Welfare Program.

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    Although I'm not American I truly hope whoever gets in power in the United States next time cuts expenditure drastically.

    The world is much better off with a stronger America than a weaker one. All this debt owed by the United States is only weakening the US; especially the public debt owed by the US government.

    The US is a superpower on the basis of its economy. The US economy is certainly strong enough to handle the level of debt it has, but it could be a lot stronger if there were lower debt levels.

    We are already seeing a 'shakeout' of bad private debt from the US banking system; now we need to see the same thing from the US government. This will be the main job of whoever gets in next time, whether they be Democrat or Republican.


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