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Thread: Questions about Carville and CNN

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    Questions about Carville and CNN

    November 16, 2007, 12:54 pm
    Questions about Carville and CNN
    By Julie Bosman

    There are very few political analysts more closely associated with the Clintons than James Carville, who was a key adviser to Mr. Clinton in the 1992 campaign.

    So it’s no surprise that Mr. Carville’s appearance on a round table after last night’s CNN-sponsored Democratic debate is arousing some morning-after controversy.

    “Would it kill CNN to disclose that James Carville is a partisan Clinton supporter when talking about the presidential race?” wrote Daily Kos. “Would it kill James Carville to disclose that he is a partisan Clinton supporter when on the air talking about the presidential race? Apparently so.”

    Last night, Anderson Cooper of CNN introduced Mr. Carville, who appeared alongside panelists David Gergen and J.C. Watts, as a “former presidential adviser.”
    And Mr. Cooper made one attempt at a disclosure: “I should point out David Gergen was an adviser in the Bill Clinton White House,” he said. “As, of course, was James Carville.”
    But he didn’t point out that Mr. Carville is also an informal adviser to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

    Last night, Mr. Carville praised Mrs. Clinton’s performance along with the other panelists. “I agree with David and J.C.,” he said at one point. “I think that Senator Clinton’s people have to be — and Senator Clinton — have to be pretty pleased tonight that they certainly reversed a trend. We will see where it goes from there.”

    And he was pointedly critical of Mr. Obama’s debate performance. “I think he might be even slightly intimidated, that he thinks Senator Clinton is more experienced than him, a little more hungry than he is,” Mr. Carville said.

    There is also a fair amount of criticism of CNN’s overall conduct of the debate, especially Wolf Blitzer’s questions.

    We put in a call to CNN and will update this post when they get back to us.

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    you gotta laugh at these lunatic leftist sites.....

    Carville, who is constantly on CNN giving political opinion, is not partisan when discussing the general state of affairs even though he's a he's only partisan when he opines on one rat-winger versus another....

    ditto for Paul Begala....they have no problem when this political hack is on CNN spewing his lib garbage yet watch them blow their tops if he doesn't back the extreme leftist candidate they support....


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