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Thread: Hillary "as president again" ... she can't wait to "get back into power" again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Jets & Ham View Post
    I Just don't see how this woman can ever win a national election .. she's just so unlikebale .. she's like chick who shoots you a dirty look for politely holding a door {I can do it myself!! } .. Just a cold, calculated, ultra feminist b*tch from the word GO

    Frankly I can't believe she will even get the democrat nomination .. I would think disliking an ice princess cuts across party lines .. it doesn't take a republican or a democrat to dislike a cold-hearted b*tch
    It is unbelievable.

    But you know what else cuts across party lines? Immense dissatisfaction with the past seven years of just outright sheer and utter incompetence.

    Hilliary would never have a slightest chance had it not been for Bush & Co. policy of dividing this nation for political gain as opposed to uniting it.


    God, I hope this never happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyo7 View Post
    Really? Tell me how critical has the media been of St. Rudy of 9/11? It was the media that hyped up this myth that somehow Rudy did something noteworthy on that day. The man made a mile long list of mistakes re 9/11 and the media never talks about it. When was the last time anyone in the media challenged Rudy's BS claim that he is an "expert" on Islamic terrorism?Or how about his BS claim that had he been treated in Britain he might have died from his prostate cancer. The man has made a series of whoppers on the campaign trail that no one in the main stream media has bothered to challenge. They accept it as "truth" simply cause St. Rudy said so. When has anyone challenged his foreign policy credentials?

    How about the attacks on Romney? I dont see the media go after him the way they went after Hillary. Or how about Fred Thompson? The so called liberal media created him as a front runner and gave him every benefit of the doubt, building him up as some kind of savior only to have him squandor that opportunity that they gave him.
    1) For the record, Rudy was the man in the wake of 9/11. He snapped into action and did a commendable job in reviving a stunned populace. (See Mayor Ray Nagin for exactly how not to act after catastrophe)

    You're practically pointing a finger at him. Wait, you are pointing a finger at him. (The same finger that never gets pointed at the actual terrorists).

    2) He is a presidential candidate. If he's not claiming expertise in matters like foreign affairs or terrorism - he shouldn't be running. Can you point out a candidate who admits that he (or she) is not an expert in any issue?

    3) How in the world can you say the media "goes after" Hillary Clinton. They've given her well over a decade of free passes and the first time she's challenged (in a debate by fellow Democrats no less) all of a sudden she's the victim. And at the next campaign stop - it's Wolf Blitzer and a packed pro-Hillary audience.

    If I was Hillary Clinton and posted on JI regularly, threads would lock after my every post. That's how she gets it with the media. And I think Republicans and Democrats know this.
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