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Thread: OT: I need some help

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    OT: I need some help

    Guys, I can't watch videos on C-SPAN's Book TV Website and I'm trying to figure out if its me or them?

    If you have Real Player and/or Windows Media Player can you please try to watch one of these videos and tell me if you can, or if you get an [B][COLOR="Red"]APPLICATION ERROR[/COLOR][/B] from their website instead?

    Below is the link .. on that page you'll see a number of videos .. Just click [COLOR="Red"]"WATCH"[/COLOR] for any one of them and tell me what happens, either you can watch it or their website gives you an [COLOR="Red"]application error?[/COLOR]


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    I get error message too. Its not you, buddy.

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    I get error message too. Its not you, buddy.[/QUOTE]Thank You, Plumber, I appreciate the speedy response :thumbup:


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