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Thread: 74% Want Investigation Of Giuliani's Deadly 911 Dust Lies

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    Rudy Lied, and People Died.

    No Blood for Dust.

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    [QUOTE=bitonti;2233903]well whatever. that data will take decades to collect. my point wasn't even that - it was how much of this is guiliani's fault how much is whitman's?[/QUOTE]

    It's neither's fault. It is Al-Qaeda's fault.

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    [QUOTE=HDCentStOhio;2233641]All I was saying is that the evidence does not back up his claim. [/QUOTE]

    And all I was waxing about is that somewhere in between the two extremes (super-duper high cancer rates and no cancer) is the truth.

    [QUOTE]Stick to posting pictures of Larry Craig[/QUOTE]


    Meet me in St. Louis, baby....a one way ticket is cheaper.

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    Don't let the facts get in the way.

    [QUOTE=PlumberKhan;2229381]I though "swiftboating" was a good thing. Think about what it prevented? You couldn't possibly be against swiftboating.

    Giuliani is an utter moron. A dipsh*t. A crossdressing NY freak [B]who will make abortions legal [/B]and gay marriage mandatory. The only people dumber than Giuliani supporters are RuPaul supporters.[/QUOTE]

    Just popping in here for a minute, and btw Abortions are Legal. Whether they should be is another question entirely. One more conservative president and the topic will be sent back to the states, and probably 30 or so will outlaw.

    Which will lead to legal abortions for those who can afford to travel, and a ridiculous amount of unsafe procedures for the poor.

    As for the swiftboating comment, real nice of Bush to offer an ambassadorship to the guy who funded the whole thing. An yes I for one would have preferred the alternative, think what you want of John Kerry's politics, but while Bush was smoking dope and doing coke in Texas Alabama or Arkansas during the war, Kerry went for multiple tours and was decorated for his service.

    That he went and then came back and protested shows a lot more balls than the cheerleader who had daddy pull his strings to allow him to drive drunk in Texas.

    As for me, I'd like to have the old McCain back, before the Carl Rove hatchet job in South Carolina.

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    [QUOTE=HDCentStOhio;2233929]It's neither's fault. It is Al-Qaeda's fault.[/QUOTE]

    nice try but al queda was not responsible for the safety of rescue workers and/or the citizens of new york city

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    You are a 'truther'? Then here is a website which will incinerate these childish presumptions of yours.


    The Science Behind the collapse:


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