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Thread: Republican debate right now on CNN

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    [QUOTE=PlumberKhan;2244328]Its been quite a while...but it HAS happened. Just ask ironically named Pope Innocent III...he was a real cool cat. :rolleyes:


    Was talking about the modern Popes, but not clear in my post. Go back many centuries, and I guess you are correct. Specifically was refuting Dawgg's point that as a baptized Catholic somehow the Roman Catholic church was responsible for McVeigh's actions. Unlike Islamofascists who cry "Allah Akbar" as they fly planes into buildings, McVeigh was not saying "In the name of the father, son, and holy spirit" as he drove the Ryder truck into Oklahoma City.

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    I think it has to do with Christianity not having political power:) The Catholic church (I am not Catholic) lost its might, so how could they even contemplate violence? In England, however, persecutions persisted under the Anglican church. The Salem witch trials is another example where Christianity intermingled with political power.

    Btw, the crusades were fought, to a large degree, in response to Muslim attacks on Christians. I think to be fair, both sides were aggressively responsible for that one.

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    Dawggg, I am hoping to hear from you................ I noticed that you have posted since this posted.

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    Hucakbee has worked as a tax lowering leader, unlike Hillary.

    This is a joke, right? Huckabee supported significant tax raises during his tenure. He's a social conservative and a fiscal liberal - the worst of both worlds.

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    [QUOTE=BrooklynBound;2247189]This is a joke, right? Huckabee supported significant tax raises during his tenure. He's a social conservative and a fiscal liberal - the worst of both worlds.[/QUOTE]

    I confess to having known little about Huckabee until I read his website. On it, there was mention of him having cut taxes 90 times as governor. If you remember, I asked what am I missing.................... what is there not to like about this guy. Why isn't he more popular..................

    I have to learn more about his tax policies.

    Someone mentioned that while he did raise taxes at times, overall they were lowered and his budget had a surplus. Honestly, if hte government could somehow give me in writing that I would get my taxes raised for two years in order to eliminate the deficit and then sign in to law under the penalty of death that the budgegt would forever more be balanced, I would be OK with having my taxes raised - in fact, I even think it is hte conservative thing to do. But since that's a pipedream, I'll stick with cutting taxes:)

    So if it is true that Huckabee, overall, balances budgets and decreases taxes nad believes in right and wrong and in God, that would be the best of both worlds - in my opinion:) But then again, that's why we have elections.


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