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Thread: How many GOP plants at CNN dem debates?

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    Yes, sad but true. I do not understand why she is the hands down front runner right now. I can't stand her.

    [QUOTE=pauliec;2237534]The "other" Democrats could use more exposure to. Hillary has the thing seemingly locked up already.[/QUOTE]

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    [QUOTE=sec.101row23;2237539][QUOTE=Jetdawgg;2237510]MSNBC is the fastest growing news station.

    Going from 4 viewers to 8 viewers sounds nice from a percentage standpoint...but the reality is nobody is still watching them.[/QUOTE]

    While FOX Noise is losing viewers at an alarming rate. Just like the republicans lost voters, until Ron Paul.

    The MSM is a bunch of Liars. I only watch "Countdown" which is gaining viewers. I could care less about the rest of 22 hours of programming on MSNBC

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    [QUOTE=Warfish;2237559]I notice your viewpoint has changed since the Dems cancelled out of their debate on Fox.

    How revealing.[/QUOTE]

    Changed? How?


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